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    Welcome to the goAML Portal. The Financial Investigations Division (FID) of the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP) has responsibility under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) to deter the use of Jamaica's economy for the purposes of money laundering and other financial crimes which can contribute to the destabilization of the economic and social environment. The FID, being the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Jamaica, carries out the following statutory responsibilities:
    • Receiving reports submitted from regulated businesses (POCA) and reporting entities (TPA).
    • Reviewing the reports received to ensure that they have been prepared accurately with the requisite information.
    • Processing the data from the reports.
    • Analysis and dissemination of Disclosures Reports.
    • Maintaining statistics with respect to the reports received and the compliance rate of regulated businesses (POCA) and reporting entities (TPA).
    • Providing feedback to regulated businesses (POCA) and reporting entities (TPA) on their reporting activities.
    The goAML System will be used by the FIU to enhance the process of receipt, analysis and dissemination of information to support the investigative process as well as to identify emerging trends and typologies within the Jamaican economy. The key benefits of the goAML system will be:
    • Facilitate digital reports under POCA.
    • The ability to interrogate this data both on a tactical and on a strategic level.
    • Improvement in the comprehensiveness of the FIU's disseminations to law enforcement.
    • Identification of key trends and typologies relating to different customer sub-sectors,transaction types and financial institutions.
    • Simplification and standardization of the reporting processes in a digital format that will reduce cost to the reporting entities.
    • Improvement in the quality and timeliness of reports
    • Facilitate more timely and effective feedback to the reporting entities.

    Kindly note that at this time the FID will not be accepting TPA Reports via the goAML portal. However, over time goAML is expected to facilitate all reports that are required to be submitted to the FID.

    Reporting via the goAML portal will be introduced to the various sectors on a phased basis with the appropriate sensitization and training.

    If you are not a regulated business under POCA or a reporting entity under TPA you may make a report directly to the FID using
  • About goAML
    The goAML System is a solution developed by the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC). This solution is one of UNODC's responses to worldwide Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering as they seek to assist Financial Intelligence Units (FIU's) counter these challenges. goAML facilitates organizations and individuals (regulated businesses or reporting entities) to make statutory reports to the FID using a secure electronic portal in real-time. goAML provides the integrated platform to manage the receipt of statutory reports, processing of these reports and the identification of transactions/funds which may potentially form part of criminal proceeds.
    Please see UNODC for more details.
  • How To
    There are two methods of reporting using goAML:
    • Direct Web Entry
    • XML Upload
    To assist with XML Upload see Reporting Resources. These are tools/resources to aid in the creation of XML(s) for your organization.
    If you are not a regulated business under POCA or a reporting entity under TPA you may make a report directly to the FID using
  • Reporting Resources
  • FID Advisories
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  • News & Updates
    • FID Online Filing Portal
      This portal is to be used as the main entry portal to the goAML Systems. From this portal, reporting entities can:
      • Access information about goAML.
      • Register as a Reporting Entity.
      • Register as a Reporting Person.
      • Make reports to the Designated Authority.
      • Access reporting tools through the Reporting Resources Tab.
    • goAML Sensitization
      The FID will continue on a comprehensive sensitization and training program to get all entities familiar with the process of online reporting of financial information. Entities will be notified when sensitization and training directed at their respective sector will take place.
    • goAML Implementation
      The FID expects to implement the full goAML platform by the end of year 2016. The FID continues to work closely with our stakeholders to make this a reality.
  • Regulated Businesses & Reporting Entities
  • Competent Authorities & Industry Bodies
  • Gazetted Documents
  • FAQ
    • Is there any cost associated with creating an XML Report?
      There is no cost associated with creating an XML Report as the FID is providing the Reporting Resources free of charge.

      However, reporting entities may incur a cost to get their reports converted into the XML format used by the goAML system .
    • What is the required format of the XML Report?
      Click on the Reporting Resources tab above and you will find the goAML XML Validation Schema. This contains the required format for the XML report.

      Download and open the XML Validation Schema in a text based application (such as Notepad, Notepad++ or any internet browser). Search for section <xs:element name="report"> for required formatting.
    • Can reports be made outside of goAML?
      It expected that Regulated Businesses and Reporting Entities will transition to reporting under goAML. However, the FID will continue to facilitate Regulated Businesses and Reporting Entities who submit reports in the regular format during this transition period. The FID will be working assiduously to assist all users to transition to the goAML Portal in the shortest possible period.
    • What are the types of report that can be submitted via goAML?
      Reports that can be submitted via goAML at this time are:
      • Threshold Transaction Reports
      • Suspicious Transaction Reports (POCA)
      • Authorised Disclosure
      • Authorised Disclosure - Request for Consent
        • goAML will facilitate reports under TPA at a later date to be advised.
    • Can a Regulated Business make a report outside of goAML?
      Yes. However, all Regulated Businesses will be encouraged to utilise the goAML system.

      The FID in consultation with stakeholders will establish timelines for full transition to goAML.
    • I am not a part of the regulated sector, how can I make a report?
      If you are not a Regulated Business or a Reporting Entity you can make a report here.
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